1.2.0 Shoot #8

This is another man who requires complete anonymity; not least because he seems to have three distinct personae – The professional man, his personal life & his fantasy character. In exchange for some photographs of his fantasy self he allowed me some shots to feature in this project. Continue reading

Reflections Mod3 Week2

How am I going to move forward? How will it develop? Mirrors are a challenge at the moment as I really want to continue using them as a positive weapon against our false sense of body-image, yet I am struggling to come up with suitable situations where the mirror can be used as a prop. Continue reading

Reflections Mod2 Week4

Having used ambiguity in specific projects in the past I think it is a very valid and interesting ploy to bring in to any project you are working on. An image that raises questions is an image that stays in the mind with intrigue and is less likely to be glossed-over as just part of the background noise of images we encounter on a daily basis. Continue reading