Interview Quotes

Quotes from the interviews with my subjects, that accompanied the Exhibition Collage as tracing paper flags pinned to the adjacent wall – Continue reading

Quotes To Inspire

“Man begs doctors to euthanise him to end his struggle with his sexuality” The Daily Mail

The far right will say he’s mentally ill…
Well guess what kind of people created this fucking disease of shame and despair!
Society and religion should have a lawsuit filed against them on behalf of the historical suicides, murders, beatings of, and discrimination against, against all it’s sexual minorities.
It may be symbolic but the discussion has to come to the forefront.
This is a daily slaughter that many of us have narrowly escaped…so far.
Be there for each other.” – Jim Hamilton

Stefan Tietz – “Frames of Mind – Hide, show and tell – Hide the face, Show the body, Tell a story”