1.4.0 Brainstorm Concupiscence

“Concupiscence – is an ardent, usually sensual, longing.” Continue reading

Release 1.4.0

Once again I have struggled to find a subject fitting for my next project. The previous module’s video piece was resolved so I need to create something new. Continue reading

1.2.0 Shoot #9

An intelligent, articulate and very easy going subject made this photoshoot an enjoyable afternoon. My main problem however was trying to find objects that reflected his character. Unfortunately for my purposes his house was not packed full of the usual object d’art or knick-knacks that you may expect to find in someone’s home. Continue reading

1.2.0 Shoot #8

This is another man who requires complete anonymity; not least because he seems to have three distinct personae – The professional man, his personal life & his fantasy character. In exchange for some photographs of his fantasy self he allowed me some shots to feature in this project. Continue reading