Work in Progress book mock-up

I am no graphic designer but I needed a professional way to collate my images for the Work in Progress Portfolio hand-in. A website would look too loose and a video would not allow careful consideration of each image as I would be dictating the speed at which they were seen. Powerpoint would look too amateurish so I considered Adobe InDesign to create a mock-up book layout. Continue reading

Oral Presentation Initial Feedback

Das Unheimliche

  • Find poses that ‘describe’ Das Unheimlich…uncanny & unnatural poses of shop dummies
  • What medium? Preference is for Medium Format (Hasselblad) in order to create careful considered results
  • Create the images in Shop Windows? (how the hell do you get permission let alone find models willing to undress and display themselves in a shop window?)

Continue reading

Collaboration Review

I was a little perturbed by the idea of a collaborative project. I have not had a very good success rate with collaborations in the past. They tended to be fraught with argument, tussles over leadership and ego tantrums. That’s not to say I haven’t had some very productive one-on-one collaborations with models where we managed to get some very good results that pleased us both immensely but I guess I do prefer to have complete creative control and am rather possessive and controlling over my work. Continue reading