Review of Handmade Book

I asked an acquaintance who is an Illustrator and works in Graphic Design for his opinion on the Handmade Book that I intended to produce in a limited edition of 25. These are his thoughts :- Continue reading

Exhibition Layout v1.3


Having settled on  a very rough plan of how I wanted the final collage to look I printed every image to one quarter scale so I could create a finalised mock-up in readiness for the exhibition. This would give me the opportunity to carefully consider each and every image & it’s worth within the whole; while combining them together to see how they worked in juxtaposition. Continue reading

1.4.0 Shoot #20

This quietly spoken gentle man was a little shy and nervous at the start of the photoshoot; which merely highlights what a bizarre occurrence these photoshoots are. Why would you place yourself in the situation whereby you are expected to disrobe for a complete stranger and expose your body, warts and all to the unforgiving gaze of today’s hyper-accurate cameras? Continue reading