Review of Handmade Book ii

Here is another review of the handmade book by a local Illustrator who also works for the School of Communication Design at Falmouth University :-

Concupiscence is a unique experience. The collection of intimately arranged images of form and colour balanced and peppered with equally expressive quotes is intimate, comforting and inclusive. The images presented promote the projects namesake by either allowing the voyeur to study a single vision or frenetically dance across a selection of well thought out collage. It is subtle and effective.

The true surprise is the use of frosted paper that present the quotes which, in turn, brings the voyeur into this world. As each page is turned a quote is presented, revealing an image, misted beneath. As the page is turned one’s digits appear through the paper. For a brief moment the voyeur is part of the experience, physically and intimately. This is the projects “Rosebud” and something that emotes a lasting and provocative sensation even if the voyeur is unaware.

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