Exhibition Feedback

Feedback about the project from the Exhibition :-

  • As the images become more abstract, they become more intriguing. Excellent images give a very sensuous impression, supplemented by the text which reveals a range of perspectives.
  • I love the creative and almost abstract beauty of these images. The care that has been taken to create a fluid and connecting flow to the whole. Individually each image is a work of art in itself but together they are a stunning portrayal of the male form. Stunning.
  • Great work Chris … such an intimate project… congratulations!
  • What a great body of work! Covering so many facets of what it is to be a man, from the power of a dynamic or languid pose to the very texture of his body, something which leave one guessing as to the nature of the terrain explored.
  • Hair can raise some strong emotions!
  • Very quiet, still & beautiful. My only other thought is that they’re all white?
  • Shine On !
  • Dear Chris – Wonderful Work! I’m in awe & envious & challenged & inspired. Well Done x
  • Big fan of the abstract blur stuff. What about experimenting with diptychs. i.e image and text together to work as a visual dialogue.
  • Darling as usual you’ve pulled it off. Just lovely horny pics.
  • Fascinating & beautifully displayed.
  • Beautiful work. Subtle, dark, taboo. Bravo!
  • It’s really interesting to read the testimonials of those asked to recount their first sexual experience – and the shyness and fear that comes through from realising their own homoeroticism. Chris this is fantastic, you should exhibit more ! Enjoy xx
  • Lovely pics, taken well. Really good eye !
  • A very interesting insight into something that is so rarely discussed – particularly with someone like me, a straight past middle aged female ! I feel it is a very valid and relevant body of work (get the pun !)
  • Love the photographs that make you stop and think ‘what next’. Intrigued by the anonymity and love the eroticism. Well done Chris.
  • An inspiring exhibition supplemented by some powerful commentary which resonated with me as a man that used to be married to a woman. Loving the anonymity which leads you down a path of inquisitive discovery of the fabulous male form.
  • Brilliant collection of work. Love trying to work out the parts & use of light. Favourite is the lips in B&W. Stunning ! Good Work.
  • Anticipation and expectation turned to surprise and reflection. I was drawn into the images and imagery. Brilliant portrayal and visualisation.
  • Beautiful, touching, thought provoking. Thanks
  • Chris, The words spoken by the men in these photos evoke so many memories. There must be so many men that have experienced such thoughts and continue to have these thoughts. The images can evoke so many emotions. The photos are so wonderful in the colours – sepia and muted colours suit the style of the prints. Congratulations Chris. Well Done !
  • Great artwork. Very well done and with meaning
  • Beautiful work. Stunning detail and texture. Gorgeous colours.

A couple of things were mentioned at the show; someone brought up the subject of the music I had chosen to play as this was a mix of melancholy songs and chill-out dance music. They spoke of the incongruity between imagining hot, sweaty bodies in a club brought to mind by the dance tracks but then being thrown into a more personal reflective space by the love songs. A rather interesting juxtaposition when compared to the images and text which made up the show itself.

Colour was also mentioned by one person who appreciated the rich and muted tones which initially drew them to the work before they looked closer to notice the detail…not only in the texture of the forms, but also the nakedness of some of the shots.  I agreed that I was trying to entice the viewer in with beautiful colour tones via a false sense of security before I then challenged them with the subject matter.

The majority of the feedback was extremely positive, which, while reassuring, does not necessarily help me to really analyse the projects impact. The abstract nature, textures and colours seem to be most often mentioned. It was interesting that someone noted there were no minorities among the models…obviously this is down to the demographic of Cornwall not through any conscious choice, but does raise some interesting questions about how bi or gay men of colour are also under-represented. It was mentioned that the interview quotes add a much greater depth and pathos to the project – an insight that was not expected from some of the viewers. The most interesting feedback came from a (self confessed) middle aged woman who found the project to be “A very interesting insight” – this for me is ideal as I was hoping to get the message out to a wider audience.

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