Review of Handmade Book

I asked an acquaintance who is an Illustrator and works in Graphic Design for his opinion on the Handmade Book that I intended to produce in a limited edition of 25. These are his thoughts :-

Cover: loving the grey paper and the repetition of the rectangle, which is echoed by the negative space for the title. I always like tracking out text, so bonus points for doing it on the title. Not sure you needed bold AND italics for ‘noun’ but that really is me being very picky indeed!

Binding: great – simple, strong, unusual; this isn’t going to fall apart so great choice.

Interior: love, love, love the use of the tracing paper. I’ve always been a fan of it and it adds a really nice texture and added layer to the piece. Also a nice reference to the layers of meaning in the work. The quotes are super-strong and are absolutely in the right place and the font’s nice too – bravo, it’s not easy to get me to say that I like a font!
Loving the grouping of images by colour, that’s a really nice touch. I’m also really liking that you only printed on one side of the paper – gives the work room to breathe and lets the viewer focus on it too. Also makes for a nice frame for the text to sit on once the tracing paper pages have been turned (and a nice reference to mirrors and flipping expectations [parallax: seeing etc same object from a different perspective]).
Really good job of setting up a rhythm in the pages with multiple shots, multiple shots and then a single image – even better that you broke the rhythm at the end too, keeps the viewers interested because it’s unexpected.
Nice paper choice for the interior too, really nice texture.
The scale of it is right too – nice and intimate.

It’s really lovely – you should be really proud of the total package, not just the images inside.

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