1.4.0 Shoot #21

Last shoot before the exhibition.

“You could say it’s for my own selfish gains but it helps me…it stops me wanting someone else…”
The short chat / interview part of these shoots are certainly throwing up some very interesting insights into human relationships. While this project started out to explore bisexual men I have come to realise a lot of the subjects I have photographed really could not be described as bisexual; they may be men who have sex with men (a nicely colloquial expression used by the sexual health industry) but this often seems to be a means to an end rather than an actual desire for the same sex. This man readily admits that if his sex life at home was ‘normal’ then he would not be looking elsewhere for relief. It is interesting to note that he chooses to have sex with other men as it cuts down the risk of complications and the feeling of being unfaithful is lessened as he is not sleeping with another woman. Just scratching an itch.

I did not expect to get many / if any shots for the exhibition as at this stage I already had the layout & all final images planned.  Time was also quite limited during this shoot, but I was pleasantly surprised to capture a few intriguing bodyscapes to add to the collection. While the exhibition collage may be pretty much set in stone now – the website version of the project, which allows the viewer to focus on all images individually in detail, has room for expansion.

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