Book Dummy v1.2

For the second version of the Exhibition Catalogue / Book I went back to a previous idea of a square format (“to counteract the image of ‘square’ sexuality / sexual lifestyles”). Splitting the page into a 3×3 grid enabled me to work with the Rule of Thirds to make for a more pleasing visual layout. In this manner I was also able to combine square, portrait and landscape images without any white space on the image pages.  So each page almost becomes a cropped version of the exhibition collage.

On the whole this is a much more successful version. I am particularly pleased with a couple of the image layouts as their juxtaposition makes for an intriguing composition. I now need to spend a lot more time experimenting with which images work best placed together on a page. Do I chose similar textures; a similar colour palette or mix-and-match colours?
Again I tried white and black text & while the white does add a different dimension – on the whole the black is more legible on the majority of images. One quote in particular is a little too long and sits too far into the fold of the spine to be easy to read so I will need to either edit it down or replace with a more succinct quote. The text layout needs to change slightly too so that it also sits within the frame created by the underlying image. The font is possibly a little too large so that the quotes seem almost to shout whereas they should be whispering their secret, so I need to reduce the size a little but not to such an extent that you need a magnifying glass to read it (although that does introduce interesting connotations).
The choice to print on 140gsm cartridge paper gave a much better result and the images look richer on the paper. One image in particular lost some of its depth so I need to watch this when it gets printed for the collage. I may need to make some substantial changes to the colour tone & contrast to get an acceptable print.

Lastly this version gave me greater flexibility in the choice of cover. I looked at a few layout styles in order to incorporate an image onto the front, but decided instead to rely solely on text – this being the title of the project (Concupiscence) a dictionary pronunciation & a strap-line to describe the work. Again I used the binder clips to tie the book together. This changed after I had recorded the film clip when I discovered & tried out small eyelet rivets which ties the whole together in a very stylish manner; although their small size limits the number of pages I can use for the book & also potentially prevents a use of thicker card for the front & back cover. Possibly I could create a sleeve or pocket to contain the book and maybe the chance to add extras such as business card, bookmark, or exclusive print.

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