1.4.0 Shoot #19

Again I find myself in the awkward position of having a group of images from a shoot but do not have formal permission from the subject to use them.
This places me with an ethical dilemma as I would much prefer to have the agreement of the model to use their images; even though these images are so abstract and anonymous there is no way they could be identified in comparison with any number of other men on the street. Yet, when they agreed to the photoshoot it was with the understanding that I was aiming to get some images to use for an exhibition. I have kept my side of the bargain by producing some shots they could use for personal purposes & will always ensure discretion and their anonymity so I am a little frustrated they will not agree to let me use the shots that I need. I am more than a little tempted at this stage to use the images regardless – I am completely satisfied they do not have any chance of identifying the model and obviously they are not in the position to take legal action against me as this would open them up to having the truth revealed. It is an extremely fine line to tread and I am still unsure of which solution I will take. The body of work I have to date is strong enough that they are not required, but still I would like to have some included simply to broaden the range of subjects and body types. It is a little indicative of today’s cyber world  where it is all too convenient to consider the avatar you are conversing with is somehow disjointed from a real person…a little ironic in this case as I spent over an hour capturing very intimate images of his naked form which should not be possible unless there is some kind of trust and friendship involved.

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