1.4.0 Shoot #18

This is the first subject under the age of 50, yet his experiences and outlook on sexuality seem to reflect and reconfirm those of an older generation.
I would very much like to find out if the millennial experience is any different, but as of yet no-one under the age of thirty has come forward to be part of the project. This could be down to where I am ‘advertising’ for participants, but until I can capture the thoughts of the millennial generation it is difficult to know if the world is different for them.

Again I have a fairly broad mix of images. From the simply sculptural to the provocative. With some images de-constructing the male form into component parts while others almost tender and intimate, as if taken by a lover. And a couple that come very close to revealing their true identity & thereby breaking the trust relationship that required their anonymity.
My use of a single light source often from a low angle throughout this project alludes to the nature of a bedside lamp and the implications of intimacy even though these are studio shoots. In today’s cyber world where concerns are raised that we are losing touch with human contact skills it is interesting to create such sensuously close images between a photographer and subject who have only just met. There is also a counterpoint to the usual headless bathroom mirror selfies that populate internet hook-up sites – something more tender and romantic that draws the viewer in rather than placing everything on display for consideration by potential bed fellows.

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