April 1-1 Tutorial

It was mentioned the use of scale is good – with reduced size full body shots combined with hyper-large macro shots of textures & form.

Fig.1 Chris Northey 2018

Figure 1 is the anchor shot as it places the project within the history of photography referencing  its early use of reproducibility (copying museum sculptures & exhibits) as well as early homoerotic works – Wilhelm Von Gloeden & anatomical works – Eadweard Muybridge. One of the trial layout ideas was to have this shot largest and central with lots of smaller shots clustered around…possibly in the form of an Altar Piece. The style of this shot is reminiscent of early Greco / Roman sculptures – these artefacts shaped our ideas of what constitutes the ideal male form.
It is also a performative piece which therefore questions the veracity of the other shots…are these natural stolen moments or staged vignettes.


Collage FLAT sml
Chris Northey Exhibition Mock-up 2018

The mix of styles and effects make it seem like an appropriation / found image project yet all are created. It references a Google Image search or a project like Sorry to dump on you like this (2015) by Christopher Clary which was an ‘installation’ of all the pornographic images of naked men on his hard-drive held in a zip folder.

I need to speak to Tech and Facilities Manager to ask advice on image formats (traditional prints or ‘decal’) and the best ways to hang. Also need to check the space as a space…which wall is most suitable; what size are the boards; what is lighting like; where are pillars etc.

Use a projector in the space to work out sizes for final prints – measure images to order the correct sizes for finished collage. While doing this create some smaller speculative montages of other layouts (maybe with a much smaller selection) in order to give flexibility for other spaces. Also look at other possibilities for dissemination…think small too.

Go back to FMP proposal  – I need to create an Artists Statement of intent explaining the project A) for the Gallery Wall & B) to send out for competitions or open calls. How did project start; how did it change; how did it grow; how did it resolve

Text on the gallery wall – quotes from interviews to add depth & context. The interview is such an embedded part of the project it should not be missed out or overlooked in favour of the images. Quotes are option for installation. Look into creating a ‘zine’ in order to combine both images and text. The project has been a collaboration so I need to ensure my participants have their voice.





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