1.4.0 Shoot #17

“I’m at that stage in life where not a lot happens so I look elsewhere – which is probably about 90% of most males on those sites – it’s a grey area.”

And another pertinent quote from his interview was – “I think men know how to pleasure men ‘cause they know what they’re doing”. This was from a well-educated well-travelled mature man, but even he did not really question why this alternate sexuality arose. A lot of these men have found my questions to be difficult to pinpoint a distinct answer. Maybe because sexuality is a lot more fluid, but also a lot less important than we give credit for.

Compare this model with Michelangelo’s David or any number of Adonises which litter the glossy media. He is not conventionally attractive if those idols are what we are expected to achieve or emulate. Does this mean he is not entitled to a healthy sex life? Add to this the fact he is of retirement age and again I ask if he is not entitled to a healthy sex life? So my intent with capturing him was to pick-out his masculinity and combine this with angles that hinted at a sensuality and sexuality – almost posing the question of whether we were intruding upon an act between two men. He was an incredibly hairy man so I could use some of the shots to signify an animal carnality. Some of his body-hair was distinctly grey which gives him a label of Polar Bear in gay semiotics. So I could play with sexualising Santa – perverting an innocent childhood character.


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