I shoot therefore I am

Sooner or later we all reach that age where we question what kind of legacy we are going to leave to the world? When we return to dust, what will there be that still marks our presence?
My crisis of existence came early with an HIV diagnosis in the days when it still meant a death sentence. Photography was the tool I used to climb out of the pit of depression and it still marks my raison d’etre to this day. Photography gives me worth, but I have been too busy building up a portfolio of work that I felt was of a high enough standard that I would be happy and proud to carry my name. I now realise that I have long passed this stage but still I have done nothing but amass a large body of images.
Mitch Cullin - highlight

An interview with Mitch Cullen in Manolo Magazine Issue 3 has reminded me the time has come to release my work into the wild for good or for ill. As his friend pointedly mentions “if the artwork isn’t seen then it has no artistic credibility.” The culmination of this module is to produce a body of work of publishable standard so it is high time I bit the bullet and stopped hiding my work for fear of the criticism I may receive.

Mitch Cullen (2018) in manolomagazine – http://www.manolomagazine.com/



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