1.4.0 Shoot #15

I don’t know whether this man’s quietness was simply his character or down to nerves. As always I do everything I can to be chatty and friendly and calming and he later reassured me that he enjoyed the evening. But his interview was very short so gave little away as to who he was or how he regarded his sexuality. I was loathe to try to pressurise him into more telling answers. My job was to create images and not grill him like a journalist – I needed him to feel comfortable and not defensive.

I am getting to the stage now where a fair few of the shots I capture are repetitions of previous images…albeit from slightly different angles or with slightly different body types. When I am editing the final selection I have moderately small prints in mind. But some of the shots I capture cry out to be blown-up large so that you can relish in every little detail. IMG_8861This may not be entirely complimentary to the subject / model as it reveals the roughness of older skin, but if there is the chance to beautify (Sontag, 1977) then we can attempt to combat the obsession with the Cult of Youth. This is one such shot I would like to see at A0 size or similar…the minute detail would be lost on a smaller print. A lot of the body of work are graphic sculptural shapes created by looking for these bodyscapes of the male human form where detail is not necessarily essential to the reading of the image, but a few I should like to see in much larger detail.
And once again the phallus makes a subtle appearance in the conversation order to provoke discussion on this taboo as well.

Sontag, S. (1977) On Photography (New York: Penguin Books) p.79

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