F.P.S. 2018 Portfolio Review #2

A slightly different viewpoint of this project again. The previous reviewer liked the colour shots, but we return to a preference for the B&W.
We selected 6 bodyscapes where the gentle abstraction forces you to question what can be seen. They liked the way I had reduced the male form to a series of sculptures; slightly in the manner of Weston or Steiglitz. Calling up thoughts of the traditional strength of the male. They felt these should possibly be blown-up large so that the eye could see each tiny intimate detail. Maybe not necessarily as prints but perhaps as projection. Asked if there was a similarity to John Coplans work which I know well – but while Coplans was unafraid to capture himself in the cold harsh light I feel my images are far more gentle and complimentary in tone. Coplans was resigned to the decay of age while these men cling on to vestiges of sexuality and virility.

We spoke of Laura Mulvey’s discussion on the Male Gaze – a topic which intrigues me with regards to this project; for these are the very same patriarchs who are traditionally the consumer of female beauty. It is an intriguing prospect to capture them in images that turn the tables. As gay men we are in an awkward position of being both objectifier and objectified – yet we have a grasp and understanding of this even if only tentatively. For these men who have been brought up to be the regarder it is a strange beast to become the subject of attention and fit yourself into this alien persona. To have a need to advertise yourself as a sexual object in order to attract another male to scratch an itch.

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