F.P.S. 2018 Portfolio Clinic

After the portfolio clinic & four 1-1 portfolio reviews I got completely different feedback from each person. But as John Spinks quoted “Opinions are like assholes…everyone has one.” So I need to sift through everything that has been said and filter what I feel will help to move the project forward as well as how best to disseminate the final body of work.
One thing I noted from each and everyone was the reaction the project achieved – this was invariably very positive and I do not think this was down to the positive atmosphere of the weekend. I genuinely think everyone found the project very intriguing and rather unique which means I am on the right course with the theme itself so I need to ensure now that I do it justice.

So far I have not entirely settled on a single image styling. Mixing high contrast B&W with muted colour; pseudo antique techniques, close-up detail and full body shots. I was a little concerned which direction and which aesthetic to follow. The opinion of both Wendy & Gary were that this mix of techniques is not to the detriment – after laying out the 5×7 prints in a mixed grid I too could see that the overall effect was most intriguing and the colour shots act as full-stops while your eye flows over the mass.

The thought was to display the shots in varying sizes butted-up against each other rather in the manner of a lomo wall. So you are forced to engage with it as a large imposing piece initially before you are drawn in to the finer detail that each individual image contains.

Gary questioned whether I have been showing these on Instagram – which I had not considered. This could be a very interesting thing to do as they are extremely intimate while still being (on the whole) within the boundaries of nudity. It would be pushing the limits of what you are allowed to show via these social media platforms & would be interesting to see if any are flagged-up or removed (especially when there is so much overexposed female flesh on Instagram already – is the automatic regulatory algorithm subject to the taste of the Patriarchy? )
It would be rather provocative to find an innocent space to display the final shots – to question censorship and modern attitudes to naked flesh and the stereotypes of sexuality. But it would work equally as well as an online platform. As you draw back from the work each becomes the size of a pixel so could it be possible for me to create such a large body of work from this project…500+ non-repeated images and display them on a grid to allow the viewer to select each to blow-up and consider in more detail? I had already been thinking about a website as a more permanent situation for the final body so this gives me something to consider when designing how this will be laid out and what it’s aesthetic can add to the reading of the project.


Falmouth Photography Symposium 2018 – Portfolio Clinic (Gary McLeod, Wendy McMurdo + 5 peers)

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