1.4.0 Shoot #9

This man poses an interesting conundrum. Most of the men who I have photographed for this project identify as bisexual; but when asked to place himself he replied ‘straight’. There is the old argument of what defines a straight, bi or gay man…exemplified by the joke “what’s the difference between a straight and a gay man?….Six pints of lager!”. I am not in the position to argue semantics over sexual definitions – I am sure there are many theses on the subject; I merely ask the questions that fascinate me. Is your sexuality defined by what you do in bed or what you feel in your soul…who you chose to play with or who you chose as your soul-mate? As I mentioned before – this project is not about judgement, but here to question the stereotypes. It is interesting to note however that several of these men live & work a hyper-masculine lifestyle yet when they explore encounters with another man they are invariably the passive partner.

The shoot resulted in a good mix of images. A couple that challenges the fear of the phallus – an attempt to beautify an object that is usually met with vilification. A couple of odd angles of the male body – one of which questions what part of the anatomy we are regarding and another viewpoint which is a little unusual but which has distinct connotations regarding what these men enjoy. Two versions depicting the patterns of body hair from intimately close angles and one which turns a shoulder into a piece of hewn granite (referencing the expected strength of the male id). Lastly is a shot that steps back from such close angles to create a more voyeuristic atmosphere – looking at the use of mirrors to play with alternate personae , self-image and the exhibitionism / voyeurism of the project.


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