1.4.0 Shoot #8

This quiet, but well-travelled man has washed-up in Cornwall after leading a life in The Forces. At a time when it was certainly frowned upon to be anything other than a red-blooded heterosexual it is little wonder he did not get a chance to explore his sexuality till he was much older.
He did not want any images for his own personal use but was interested in the experience of being photographed; so he was content to relax and let me work round him capturing what I needed.

I seem to be building up a stock of hand shots – there are many connotations that can be symbolised with a hand. From the rough work-worn signifier of masculinity to the yearning fingers that reach out to touch the forbidden. As fingerprints are unique then each man’s hands tell their own tale of what (and who) they have touched.
I am also building a stock of nape-of-the-neck shots. This is a very sensual part of the body and extremely vulnerable. Body language experts will speak of liars touching the Suprasternal Notch. The indentation at the base of the neck will be covered as liars feel threatened & seek to protect themselves psychologically. Yet it also has a visual reference in the trunk of a tree – strong and unyielding.

He was a moderately hirsute man and I have an appreciation of the way body-hair connotes the bestial nature of the male and his occasional descent to the animal instincts. Again creating extremely intimate shots that highlight the sensuality of the male body.

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