1.4.0 Shoot #5

Here was a very open, honest and easy-going man which made for a pleasant evening in the studio chatting and capturing images.As I am still stumbling in the dark for a distinct aesthetic style to impart upon this project, I started the shoot by capturing the images he needed. This is in payment to him for sparing the time to become involved in my project. This seems to be a practical way to arrange the time as he leaves with shots & hopefully something occurs during the shoot that inspires me to capture for my needs.

His hands were rough & worn – symbolic of a working man. We still ascribe certain careers as being more masculine than others and work-worn palms speak of strength more than hands that may be smooth or well-manicured. Even in today’s metrosexual age we still see symbols of strength as desirable in the male. This is heightened when you have feelings for your fellow man – the tendency is to over-compensate and become paranoid of any signs of a feminine character.

So for him I looked for physical symbols of masculinity that combined with an intimate feel to represent the intimacy he was seeking. I was experimenting with gels on the flash-head; the blue seemed to be the most atmospheric & complimentary. Highlighting the body hair and animalistic nature of the male.

IMG_7517There is a gentleness and sadness in this shot. It may be trite to speak of the eyes being the windows into the soul, but when I am attempting to create images that speak of a man’s character this is both extremely revealing while still concealing his actual identity.

I have taken to experimenting with possible layouts combining images and text with a view to inclusion in a book. As I have mentioned before I still haven’t found a single image style that works for each participant. By combining these differing styles together it has the potential for becoming an intriguing publication where each distinct page spread speaks of a different person & character.Book Page 2

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