1.4.0 Shoot #4

The shoot that wasn’t.I had been communicating with this subject for a few days & we had arranged a date and time for the photoshoot. I am sure that I had communicated my intent to him, but I can only assume his reasons for coming to be photographed did not match my requirements for the afternoon.
He did not appear to be the most comfortable of people. This is not usually an issue as I am used to dealing with nervous models & pride myself in my abilities to make them feel relaxed and confident. I explained the running order for the shoot & that I would need to record a short interview about his experiences and what it meant to him to be a bi man, but this appeared to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as he politely declined and no amount of persuasion on my part would change his mind. Even though all this information & photographs remain completely confidential until such time I have the express permission of the subject – this was not enough to allay his fears.

Lesson to learn?
I need to be extremely careful that I explain my intent & that the model is comfortable with all of this in advance of arranging a day. I have a few potential replacements that I am now explaining this to so hopefully this will not happen again. It was a frustrating experience and has made me a little concerned for my luck. This is the second time a model has cancelled in the studio this year…something that has never happened to me before. I am used to people getting cold feet before they set out to meet me or a day or two before. But have never had someone actually get to the studio & decide against the photoshoot. It makes me concerned that I have said something offensive or that the studio does not look professional enough; or some other reason I cannot foresee.

The current potential subjects all seem very happy with what I have explained so with a little luck their shoots will go without a hitch which just leaves me with the more problematic issue of finding an aesthetic direction to take this project.

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