Time, Time, Time….never enough

This module has been tough for me. Rather than relying upon skills I already have I decided to challenge myself again and take myself out of my comfort zone. As I have mentioned before – why am I doing an MA if I am only going to re-tread old ground. So I chose to try my hand at moving image and create a video piece. This has the potential to cover two bases – a way to expand and explore the direction my project has the potential to pursue as well as submit a piece to an international exhibition of provocative films and get my work seen by a large audience.
The main reason for enrolling on the MA was to expand my knowledge. I took the BA a few years ago merely for my own benefit. I was under no illusions that I was destined for a jet-set career in photography which meant I was free to enjoy the learning experience merely to further my interest in photography theory.

This is partially the reason I have found it difficult to engage with this particular module. The focus upon getting our work seen and the future prospects of us as photographers / artists / directors etc is something that, unfortunately, didn’t engage me as much as exploring the language and theory of Photography as a medium.
The other large problem I had this module is time management. I did not realise how much work would be involved in creating a video piece. Not only did I have to spend time teaching myself a new piece of software with a very hit-and-miss approach. I had not fully realised how time-consuming video editing would prove to be. When it took me two hours to edit a ten-minute interview down to a thirty second clip I began to realise maybe I had bitten off far more than I could chew.
The fact that I had committed to creating a film for HIVideo 2017 meant I had to make a choice. I felt I could not let down the chance to have the voice of Cornwall represented at such an important exhibition – so this meant I had to sacrifice other options. Where I would ordinarily engage a great deal with the Canvas Forums I barely had a chance to read them. This was unfortunate as I usually enjoy keeping up with what my fellow students are achieving and to be constructive and supportive with what they post. The other thing I missed was the chance to research – which possibly means the film I have created recently is a little insular. As I have been relying upon my current knowledge without the comparative input of ideas from other sources.  The other unfortunate by-product of this is that my Critical Research Journal is a little lighter than it has been in past modules. And I have not had the time to devote to my Oral Presentation so this is liable to be a lot less satisfactory than I would normally find acceptable. There are points I have made in the presentation that I could have backed up with theoretical corroboration had I the time. And parts where the visuals are simply padding to the points I am speaking about.

The question I need to ask myself is whether the work I have put into the Work In Progress video piece has been worth sacrificing the time I have may have been able to devote to other areas this module. From my personal point of view, I think the sacrifice worthy – I am on the road to learning a completely new set of tools and I feel the resulting video is a strong piece of work that I am proud to have produced.

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