Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping your profile up to date and visible on social media is a full-time occupation. Little wonder most professionals appear to rely upon agencies or else their reputation is such that do not need the likes of Facebook or Instagram to remain relevant. Although Cindy Sherman’s recent appearance on Instagram is a very interesting subversion of a modern phenomenon and continues her life’s work on questions of identity; in particular how it relates to how ‘truthful’ our personas are in this digital age.

I have been steadily creating an online portfolio of projects and images for several years now & the website itself is regularly updated with new work & goes through a re-design every couple of years; always ensuring it is easy to use & compatible with most platforms (desktop, tablet & smartphone)
My Instagram feed was setup with a specific project in mind  ( )and an explanation of my intent behind this project is here –


And I have two Facebook pages…one for family & friends & one specifically for man-blu which is how I brand myself


I drip feed my Facebook Gallery and Instagram project on a regular basis in order to remain in the minds of my friends and peers.

I have a Tumblr blog for another specific project which I also drip-feed on a regular basis & while not massively well known, it does have a niche following and my images are very often shared. It’s intriguing to see which shots appear the most popular even though this has no influence upon the shots I make for the page.
I have recently created a Gallery on the VisualAIDS Artist+ Registery where my work can be seen amongst contemporary positive artists as well as those we have sadly lost to HIV.

Visual AIDS
I shall be submitting a piece of work to be considered for the Poscards From the Edge benefit art sale which raises funds to enable VisualAIDS to continue to support artists and raise awareness across the world.
And I have just been notified that my Instagram project has been published in the latest issue of Mascular Magazine which has a global readership in excess of 35,000. This has led to a spike in hits on my website when I have been featured in the past – as well as a jump in likes on my Facebook page.

I intend to put forward my 26 Framed Penises book to the Paris Ass Book Fair ( A provocative alternative zine fair that celebrates the wonderful diversity of all things Queer in a supportive and humorous way. Depending upon it’s reception I would be rather tempted to enter it into the Unseen Amsterdam Dummy Book Award ( if for no other reason than to challenge perceptions of the naked male.

I realise I have to up-my-game when it comes to advertising myself as an artist. I am very aware of how insular I work – this is not due to being unsure of the validity of my work; I may not be a Robert Mapplethorpe, but I have a fair amount of quality work in my portfolio. My problem is that I look forward to the next idea & next shoot – my fascination is in the creative process and I seem to be a collector of imagery rather than having a need to show my work. As long as the model and I are happy with the result then that is more than satisfactory for me.

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