The Digital (New Possibilites) notes

The importance of a meaningful narrative in order to capture the attention of the Internet Generation“I think that mystery is absolutely essential in both still photography and cinema” – Katy Grannan

Grant Scott explains what the Digital is… “ It is a landscape made up of online communities”

“photographers are no longer defined by their equipment but by their photographs” Pfab.

Nick Knight describes his practice as “image making as opposed to photography”; this strikes a cord with myself as I have always described myself as an image maker. A ‘Farmer’ as opposed to a ‘Hunter’ if we use Jeff Wall’s theory of the difference between photographic practitioners. I sometimes see this as a massive disadvantage with the way I work as I am probably missing a great deal of opportunities when I get bogged down in the contextualisation and narrative of the images I shoot.

“ a meaningful dialogue through their work” with participation of the ‘reader’ Pfab. Think of new & innovative ways to capture the attention in order to give more power to the story

Eleanor Macnair brings to mind Cindy Sherman who has recently been ‘found’ on Instagram. It was probably inevitable that Sherman would take up the challenge of reacting to the Instagram ‘selfie’ culture…as an artist who has devoted her entire body of works to questioning identity and media identity tropes specifically. Her choice to create an Instagram account and populate it with virtually every possible filter applied to portraits while not a single one could be described as ‘Cindy Sherman’ – she very pointedly draws our attention to the superficiality and falsehoods created by millions of users in their desperate search for validation.

“Always have your digital footprint in mind – it is difficult to delete any images” Pfab. And your reputation is on the line as well as the potential to have your work copied and or stolen…do you have the facilities to fight back?

Amalia Ulman’s subversion of Instagram by creating a persona in order to highlight the vacuousness of this trend

“Viewers have started to respond less to the technical aspects of imagery but increasingly respond to honesty, realism and the intimacy of photographs.”…” to believe and connect with the images they see.”… “…a more visually aware audience.”Pfab.

‘pictures had become the language of the generation – and Instagram THE platform.’ Mercedes-Benz

“eight to 10 seconds to convince the audience to stay. After that, they’ll just click or swipe away” … “You have to start with a strong idea, a really good story, as you want your audience to get goosebumps right from the start” … “Using all the possibilities of new media, including photographs, sound, a storyline and graphics, it makes each element work hard for a living” Kastensky

Instagram validation culture; this is nothing new as the media has been creating a mould of expectations for us to fill for decades. But the pervasiveness of today’s digital culture makes it all the more insidious.

Xavier Cha’s  ❤ Like: A BOFFO Instagram Project, 2014 – actor reads a pornographic description of an image that would be banned on Instagram enabling the voice recording to bypass the bots that find & remove ‘pornographic’ images; compares most interestingly with my #beachtowelchronicles project which was created specifically to subvert Instagram’s censorship rules.

“Without a body,she is untraceable.” Cornell.  Really? Surely our portrait these days is made up of interconnected files on databases & has little or nothing to do with our visage to signify our fingerprint

I need to look up Zach Blas or Adam Harvey in relation to privacy issues

“Unlike its digital counterpart, analogue photography has a clear path of indexicality, where the light that touched the subject was absorbed by the negative and reborn onto paper.” Leifheit

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KATY GRANNAN In Conversation with Sarah M. Miller Aperture #226

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