Instagram Image Virus

The challenge this week was to create an ‘image virus’ & also make our Instagram profile grow (or set one up if we had not done before)

Northey CRandP 2017

Typical me I cannot simply hunt for an image that appeals…I have to plant, grow, feed and harvest an image. I had something like this shot in mind for a little while; playing with masculinity, sexuality, perversity and the mundane. So I went ahead and created a Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook page, website & email address specifically in order to disseminate the shot. In order to gauge its success I thought I would offer a reward for any who followed the breadcrumbs – at the end of the rainbow was my personal address which I encourage people to send a stamped addressed envelope in which I would return a glossy copy of the shot, signed & numbered.

So far so bad as I have not had a single enquiry to the email address which is step 2 of the chain. I did manage to get 24 followers on its Instagram account & 7 likes of the image in 24 hours. After posting on my Facebook page & a group of like-minded artists it was shared 3 times & liked 4 times. It was interesting to see that Instagram accepted the image with no problems, but the bots that police Twitter would not allow me to use it as my profile shot as it thought it contained nudity…a sense of irony there as Instagram is notorious for being a little over zealous with its censorship whereas Twitter is full of tweeted pornography.

I am a little unsure as to why the image failed. Could it be the image itself? Or the fact it was posted from a new unknown account. If I post any of my images to the group I mentioned then they usually get between 30-50 likes within a day. I shall leave the image ‘running’ but suspect it has already reached its course. We seem to have the attention span of a goldfish these days and are very happy to look but any further form of engagement is reserved for something truly spectacular. I am reminded of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit “Here we are now, entertain us…” we seem to expect to be fed with images and entertainment that has already been verified by our friends or followers; we have become very lazy at looking for originality.

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