Reflections Mod4 Week2

Still drowning in a sea of images.
Unfortunately they are not the result of a manically productive week on my part, but just a desperate search for some inspiration on where to take my practice next. I have a queue of guys that would like some pictures done, but they cannot accommodate so it means a studio shoot  & not an expansion of the last project. Again they all require anonymity so it forces me to return to masking…a concept I explored in Module 1.

I have been skimming through books & journals of Queer artists & Queer theory, but it is work I already know & a lifestyle I take for granted because I live it. I cannot see it objectively as these books are written for an outside audience…but this is my life. I see work I like & work I admire, but I cannot see a chink where I can explore or create something new that speaks of me and my practice (or the participants to my projects)

Some visual ideas that sparked my interest this week –

Kate Peters did a Portrait project called 10 in a Billion & while I haven’t had a chance to research her project in depth it gave me the idea of a simple portrait project entitled Kinsey 6…just a gentle project of portraits of guys who have never been with a woman; as a way to show you cannot tell a person’s sexuality simply by looks alone


Edvard Munch exhibition 2017
Edvard Munch Exhibition 2017

This image from the Edvard Munch Exhibition makes me consider collaged full body ‘portraits’ where maybe only the head is actually human and the rest are created by random objects

AL SteinerA.L. Steiner’s photowalls that mix the mundanity of life with suggestive & provocative imagery


Jimmy DeSana Marker Cones 1987
Jimmy DeSana Marker Cones 1987

Jimmy DeSana’s use of coloured gels to add a retro surrealism to my usual studio shots

Mark Morrisroe’s experimental combination of colour and  black & white negatives

Glitching & the Vaporwave aesthetic

And some thought provoking quotes I came across while researching this week

Eva Respini on Mark Morrisroe “identity is slippery & photography is complicit in its construction” “…photography’s power in facilitating the performance of the self” Aperture 218 Queer

“this power does not lie in its certainties…it is most resonant when used to explore our condition through personal, subjective narratives.” – Emilia Van Lynden, Joanna L. Cresswell Unseen magazine 2017

“clothing is a language of signs and messages, and I want to strip the body down to something essential and not attached to a period or culture” Eddie Peake –

“…the great equalizing aspect of naturism…how far people would retain their respective rank if they were divested of their clothes… when nude, a rich person appears no different than a poor person…Thus, these classifications disappear…” Laura Pannack

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