Reflections Mod3 Week10

Work In Progress Portfolio

I have been struggling to come up with a succinct title for my Research Project; variously known as ‘One More Time With Feeling’ or ‘Domestic Narrative’. But after a morning brainstorming ideas I finally settled upon <body></hate> which translates from the html as Open Body Close Hate. This neatly describes my intent in revealing the naked form in an empowering way to combat homophobia and self-hatred, referencing how we try to build relationships on-line these days. It is possible I may rename it yet again, but for the moment this is how I think of it.
In putting together my Work In Progress portfolio I wanted a format that would be convenient to assess while also be aesthetically pleasing. I tried to steer away from the simplicity of a multi-page PDF for something more interactive. Deciding to design a web page instead. I keep returning to the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition layout style so I chose to adapt this for my layout.
It is a more eye catching and stylish form than the usual Instagram grid layout. Clean crisp and simple it allows the images to stand-out. The images loosely flow so you can see them as a collective narrative yet can still select each individual shot to view full-size by clicking upon it.
Using a very subtle colour flow to guide from one image to the next. I did consider using the symbolism of the Rainbow but decide this would be a touch trite and the colour palette I am using is much more muted. This did mean I had to re-edit some of the object shots to alter their colour casts so that they flowed better within the sequence. This did not alter their meaning but made the whole flow better without some seeming to be out of place or sequence.
The actual selection of images; of what to include & what to discard was easier for some models than for others. For one or two of the subjects I really only had one option for the naked portrait so it was a case of selecting which matching object had the most intriguing qualities to use to support their form. For one or two subjects I was a little spoilt for choice. By printing them as 6×4 and spreading them on the studio floor it became easier to notice which were most striking. I actually did this job when I was extremely tired so rather than over-analysing I could be a little more instinctive and I think that helped. My usual method for a studio shoot is once they have been edited I ignore them for a couple of weeks so I can return to them with fresh eyes, and I think that allowing my eyes freedom to be objective helped to select which images worked best at illustrating my intent.
A couple of issues I had to consider were the actual size of the images once they had been clicked-on. Not all screen resolutions are the same so for one screen they filled it nicely, for another they appeared a touch small while for yet another they were too large & you ended up having navigation handles to pan up & down. I wanted to avoid the navigation handles so had to keep the full-size images maybe a little smaller than I would have wished.
I also had a problem with colour levels. The screen I do most of my work on the images looked fine, while on a retina display Mac they look overly saturated to the point that there appears a degradation in the subtle detail of some of the naked portraits. Yet on a Windows laptop again they look fine (if a little lighter) and you can see the subtle details again.
I am pleased with the layout and how everything comes together as a whole. I feel it looks stylish which instils a degree of professionalism to the subjects and the project. I can also direct potential future collaborators to this site in the hope this will impress them enough to get involved themselves.


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