Reflections Mod3 Week6

With regards to the possible exhibition
I am very limited with options due to my subject matter; the naked male is not usually deemed fit for public consumption. I put a shout-out on Facebook for ideas which makes me wonder do people actually know my work…some of the replies as follows :-
Falmouth University Halls of residence or dining areas, Cinema in Falmouth, Art Supply Shops, Cornwall College Truro, gay friendly restaurants – I doubt any of these would entertain an exhibition of the naked male form.
Ann Summers in Truro, sex shop in Newquay – both of these would give my project the wrong connotations – I am looking to normalise the naked male creating a more romantic idealisation rather than the standard homoerotica.
A pop up tent at Cornwall Pride was an interesting suggestion as it raises the argument that Pride has become a saccharine family friendly event and perish the thought that anything offensive was ever seen.
Deja Vue in Truro is a bar that may be an option; but holding it in a gay bar would mean ‘preaching to the converted’ (although it does give the possibility of contacting more models to expand the project). And ideally I wanted a space to challenge the stereotypical view of the (gay) man. I had in mind a Tea-Room situation where my subject matter would juxtapose in an interesting way designed to provoke debate. Of course the irony is that the little old ladies that are the usual customers are invariably far more broad-minded that we give them credit for.
Scale? I was considering a certain amount of space being available to me, but a friends offer of some space on the walls of his new salon makes me think I may have to think smaller. This could take me in a different direction when it comes to what space I am looking for and also the number of prints I could possibly display (I wanted to do a couple of large single prints as well as the Polaroids as grid, the Dorota Sadovska remixes, Beachtowel Chronicles & BleachWood as well as the major project).
There was the suggestion of bringing it into a public rest-room maybe pasted to the walls to see if they became graffiti’d or were torn down or what kind of reaction they would create. What kind of manipulation they may encounter would speak volumes, but also the same if they remained intact. The unexpectedness of seeing art in such an obscure setting is very appealing and if these were self-portraits I could consider such a brave and fantastic idea, but I have to be very protective of the representations of my models – they have been kind enough to expose themselves for my camera so I have to ensure the exhibition is respectful. At least with my images I can control and protect the space.

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