Three ‘Surfaces’

Some notes on curatingIan North by Daniel Palmer available at
simple one or two-page A4 catalogues, which were available by donation.
find an expression which made sense to them (explain work in layman’s terms succinctly)
“born digital”, referring to works that are generated and stay in the digital domain.
International Center for Photography in New York – look at online exhibitions & differing display techniques
Shihoko Iida
Organic links between differing artists & their work
. Consider cultural differences when the exhibition appears in the global village (ie online) – the impossibility of the interpretation of context in different cultures
. Curator has responsibility to ensure the work is sited in an appropriate context (especially if it is being reproduced outside of it’s original context). 
A key element that brings the whole together
. Do you deliberately guide the viewers to illustrate your own narrative or leave it deliberately ambiguous – guide the connections or leave viewers to make their own
. Do you allocate each work evenly or try to weight specific work(s) (artists?)
. How they speak to each-other – the resonances they set up between themselves.
 Look for opportunities outside the ‘white cube’
. Don’t think of the curation as the curation of an exhibition but as an art (installation?) in themselves. Apply the methodologies of art-making to how a show is set-up and designed. An exhibition self-curated by an artist is like walking around the artists brain
. Become artist-curator as the platform to showcase your work may not be available or suitable
. Curation is making a context – a foundation through which you introduce your art to the general public
. What kind of contexts are you engaged with & what kind of context would you like to reflect from your exhibition?
Caravan Gallery – Flanneur new urban perspectives.
Have an exhibition catalogue
Notebook & pen for feedback? (Or box & paper for anonymous feedback)
Postcards for publicity
Caravan Gallery to explore Britishness – ambiguous tragi-comic black humour. Stealth way to get people into a gallery. Difference between dream of how things are portrayed & the actuality (Tourist Info & reality of the actual place)
Point of gallery is that you can go to places people usually cannot reach – find a point of connection in order to engage
Pride of Place project to explore sense of place (home)
Somewhere with high footfall – good sign-age – make it interesting
Always have a plan-b & plan-c
Public liability insurance?
Network Network Network

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