Strategies of Freedom

What is ‘Post Photography’? “William J Mitchell initially suggested this term in relation to the power afforded visual culture by digital manipulation.”
“photography today is of, and about, a subject, but it almost always also about photography itself. “
“Joanna Zylinska makes the point that, “The Human agency required to make a decision about what and how to photograph is only one small part of what goes on in the field of photography” – consider images taken that never see the light of day…captured automatically or by accident by digital systems and saved yet never seen by physical eyes & saved or erased as necessary

Geoffrey Batchen “nature gets to represent itself, without any mediation by the human hand.” (speaking about cyanotype photogram) it is rather trite to say these images were created by the hand of God & not the hand of man…yet numerous decisions were necessarily made by the human in order to get any kind of result at all.
2017 Tate Exhibition of Wolfgang Tillmans consisted of traditional prints along with installation pieces, experiments in paper, light & machines; moving image, sculpture and a DJ set so that the exhibition becomes an installation in itself…a happening rather in the manner of Andy Warhol’s Factory. (music, theatre, activism, fashion) – performing an exhibition.
“de-privilege the digital sensor” by a return to traditional and experimental practices; pinhole, daguerreotype, etc “suggest an anachronistic look at contemporary life”
Sally Mann, Jerry Spagnoli & Takashi Arai’s daguerreotypes, the presence of solarisation in an image becomes disturbing, when you become aware that the subject matter is Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Fukushima,
Marja Pirilä, in her series, Interior/Exterior, creates camera obscuras in people’s homes. Bringing the occupant into the rooms to photograph them
Justin Quinnell pinhole cameras
“Wayne Martin Belger makes unique cameras specifically for the act of photographing specific subjects, such as a device for photographing patients diagnosed with HIV, that receives light through a vial of HIV positive blood, thus acting like a red filter. ” this I had come across before when doing research about HIV for my BA course
Richard Kolker creates images using computer software which thus question the difference between an image captured by a digital lens or something created by hand much in the way that a painting would have been

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