Strategies of Looking

Some notes on the presentations & readings for the first week of Module 3As Bill Jay, noted, “Originality is not only over-valued, but also, in most cases, of some dubious provenance.”
Is there anything new? Surely everything has already been photographed, sculpted or painted?
Why revisit something already imaged? To place your own spin? Learn from the experience? Or re-imagine a his-story
Re-photography is dependent on context

Re-photography to illustrate change over time which become personal projects for some practitioners (William Christenberry’s Red Building in Forest that record mankind’s usage of the same building; Toshiya Watanabe’s Thereafter which are before & after shots of the same area after the Tsunami of 2011. And Nicholas Nixon’s Brown Sisters depicts the passing of time upon the human form
Digital has enabled a broader range and shorter period to be considered within the passage of time. The stop-motion portrait films of Ahree Lee & Noah Kalina. Or other more conceptual explorations of time/experience…Lalage Snow documents effects of conflict on the faces of soldiers, before during & after a period of assignment

Revisiting the same vantage point to remake the same (or similar) image. Can be confused with Repeat Photography, but has it’s own subtle distinction. Examples such as Michael Hughes Souvenirs project whereby he held-up postcards or miniature figures of landmarks and re-photographed to create a combined shot. Or historical photographs held-up in-front of their contemporary locations…gave rise to the Flikr group (Looking into the Past). The alternative illustrated by Sergey Larenkov’s Ghosts of WWII digitally combines images from two era’s to create a merged montage
Shimon Attie projects historic images onto their contemporary spaces
Wilma Hurskainen mentions at the age of 5 knowing how to perform for the camera
Gustavo Germano’s work is far more poignant as he rephotographs family photographs with existing members present which highlights the missing members that disappeared during the Argentinian dictatorship troubles from 1976-1983

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