1.2.0 Shoot #4

After seeing the initial edit this subject was surprised I found so much of interest in his home. Indeed he has even requested several shots as canvas prints. I am reassured by the breadth of shots I was able to capture in a short visit to this man’s home.

Fig. 1 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 1) A geometrically simple composition to this shot and the unusual angle makes you initially question what you are viewing. I may need to watch my choices as I seem to be drawn to blue things. Blue symbolises tranquillity, loyalty, wisdom, truth, the sea, the sky and heaven; men are particularly drawn to this colour so maybe these reasons are why I am subconsciously favouring this colour with a lot of the shots.

Fig. 2 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 2) Another blue shot. This bottle is full of seashells and sea-gems (sea tumbled glass fragments). It brings back memories of childhood holidays by the sea collecting shells as little mementoes. This is more indicative of the subject’s character as he is often drawn to the tranquillity of the beach and has very fond memories of afternoons spent in the sun so this is a good example of these little things we feather our nests with to reflect our personalities and as keepsakes for memories.

Fig. 3 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 3) The previous shot’s twin, but empty and from a different angle. Even the owner saw the phallic symbolism of this image. I do like it’s purity and fragility which contrasts with the phallic undertones of weapon and power.

Fig. 4 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 4) There is a distinct nod to the work of Uta Barth in this next shot. It is so obscure to be almost illegible. Possibly this is too vague to sit properly within the greater body of work, but I have a great fondness for it. As part of the intent I am exploring revolves around mirrors and what they reveal it is intriguing to have captured this mirror reflected within a mirror reflected within a mirror, the bevelled edge of the central three gives rise to the fracture in the centre of the picture.

Fig. 5 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 5) This otherworldly image could be some alien forest or planetary cluster. It also has hints of the underwater worlds in spheres and bubbles highlighted by the opaque green colour cast. I have surprised myself by opening my eyes to abstract possibilities available to create these ethereal compositions.

Fig. 6 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 6) Shot under low light levels and hand-held with the aperture at f1.8 the chances of getting sharp focus with this shot was probably slim. This does prove, however that crisp focus is not a necessity for this project; the soft focus aesthetic even adds to the whole atmosphere of the images. There is a shrine like quality to the composition of this shot. The totems (flesh-tunnels for stretched pierced ears) laid out before the photograph are poignantly symbolic. With the portrait in the photograph bringing to mind the memento mori capacity of photography.

Fig. 7 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 7) This abstract composition of shell-like shapes are slightly threatening with their sharp surfaces and mandible-like openings. The muted colour palette and internal radiance make for an intriguing take on a kitsch object.

Fig. 8 Northey April 2017

(Fig. 8) Like a telescopic view of some distant gaseous planet this is in fact a ribbed glass vase lit by the cool evening light. Again there are references to Uta Barth’s style of photography whereby you are asked to contemplate the truth of your eyes as you try to make sense of the swirling bands of muted colour. A gently serene image that calms.

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