Reflections Mod2 Week10

Presentation Feedback
Everybody is very positive which is reassuring, but not necessarily what you need as sometimes you need constructive criticism to move yourself forward.
Philip wonders about the ‘thoughts and motivations of your models’ – something to give some thought to as on the whole I find they do not quite understand what I am trying to achieve. For some the penny drops once they have seen the masked result, but for one or two others I do wonder if they really see my intent even if they do make all the right noises.
I his expression of ‘banking’ the Polaroids to move on to the next stage. He noticed the faces so far are revealed, but this is temporary as I know some of the future models will require anonymity. The idea to note down the thoughts of my subjects to add a textual linkage to the images is certainly one to consider. I do ordinarily prefer my imagery to speak for itself without Barthes ‘Anchorage’ as I prefer not to be too prescriptive in the reading of my work. However I should consider that text may help to site the work even though my preference is ambiguity.
Dayana questioned if I had thought of asking the model to write something on the bottom of the print ” how they see themselves into your images or some thoughts that might link their portraits to the aim of your research?”. Not something I had even considered which is ironic since I have used this technique in other shots in the past. I could certainly add another layer to the reading although since some of the subjects I have worked with have moved on it may be difficult to achieve this. Definitely something to consider for future shots though. I like her observations that my nudes are natural and not glamorised. I relate to perspective within perspective and mirrors-game (speaking about the ‘Lacan’ shot). And “postcards from the LGBT Community” is a fascinating concept and bears deeper thoughts and consideration. And I love ‘cultural myopia’ as a phrase.
Her questioning of “what is your sitters’ role in the selection of these images or…creative process” is something I need to consider…I seem to be pursuing my merry little way and I do need to involve my sitters more. I seem to concentrate on getting the shots they want (in payment for their time) and need to spend more time explaining my intent to them.
Jo mentioned my use of names and dates as titles which reminds me how I am still exploring how I want these titled. My use of abstract words didn’t seem to go down too well so I may be forced to resort to Untitled #? as I will not be able to use everyone’s name when it comes to the more anonymous shoots. Jo pointed me in the direction of a photographer who’s work is a little along the lines of what I am doing (ie photographing gay men in their own environment) – but I found his subjects were probably carefully selected as they were beautiful and toned handsome young men which were aesthetically pleasing. My subjects are Joe Average and I will be looking for the beauty in their natural form rather than selecting men than conform to the Adonis ideal that the gay media tries to mold us into.
And I liked that Jo picked up on the power/dominance of the nude male
Ashley pointed out that terms such as Voyeurism, Fetishization & Scopophylia may not be understood by the general public so I may need to explain those themes more. And she also points out I haven’t mentioned where the final work will be disseminated – I really do need to give that more thought.
Philip Morris mentioned I had setup an appealing aesthetic which is reassuring to know.
Mandisa states there is a melancholy feel to my work – that is not surprising but something I must watch as it may not be the best way to represent my subjects. She also asks if I would consider couples – definitely something to think about. And the possibility of an agency to help me source gallery space is not something I had even thought about, but should – any help would be need I suspect.

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