Release 1.1.0

While working on the Polaroid Project (Dialogue For…) I have also been exploring other means of masking by bringing in mirrors to represent several stranded ideas; the idealised self, the voyeur, shyness and parallel existences (think science fiction or Alice in Wonderland).img_1495-bw
This was a comparatively simple visual statement in that I have spliced my character onto an idealised body as a comment on Gay Culture’s constant search for and worship of Adonis.
If we question concepts of the gaze in this image – it is slightly problematic to pin down. You have the potentially scopophylic gaze of the viewer (depending upon their gender or sexuality); my blank gaze as I regard my mirrored self as well as the threatening gaze of the tiger tattoo who’s eye is the only one in contact with the viewer. And lastly the hidden gaze of the second model who is forced to hide his identity and become a body to be objectified. The tattoos become an image within the image and almost take over the reading as they become a fascination in themselves. I seem to have become Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man with my collection of body inkings. During a webinar the concept of Jacques Lacan’s Mirror Stage was brought up – this is where the infant is confronted with their mirror self which potentially gives rise to an idealised psychic I that they strive to achieve yet can never fully grasp.
If I can gain permission from the model to use this shot it is certainly an image I would proud to display. Possibly I could recreate it in the future with another model if necessary and whether this concept could be pushed any further remains to be seen. Possibly this may end as a stand-alone image rather than part of a larger project of work.


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