For Some It’s About Lust; For Some It’s Power & For Some It’s Just Loneliness.As I approached a milestone age I was paid a few gentle compliments. And for someone who had always suffered with low self-esteem this came as a bit of a pleasant surprise.

I had also been searching for a way to incorporate Instagram into my portfolio. You have to have a presence on all social media these days yet the limitations of Instagram meant I had not used it as a tool. Like Facebook you are censored by not being allowed to post nudes and this precluded a high percentage of my body of work. I have been using Facebook to display and advertise my portraiture, but I did not want to merely replicate this via Instagram. I also wanted to try to stay true to the medium by using the square format and retro filters available on smartphone apps.  It was a throw-away comment I overheard that sparked the idea which became #beachtowelchronicles
“You know the rules…if it ain’t on Instagram it didn’t happen”.

I am concerned as I age that my memory may begin to fail me so I decided it could be an idea to create a project of Memento Mori so that I could be reminded of good times enjoyed in good company. The outside space where these images are situated has long been used by men seeking the intimate company of other men.

This journal of images acts as confessional  to these candid revelations. Tales of stolen moments of shameless  abandon. When you succumb to animal instincts & base desires in a brief lustful encounter. Releasing all those pent-up energies & frustrations in a sensual  explosion of hedonism.

Yet underlying this is a hunt for some kind of solace, acceptance and affection even. Yearning for those vapid compliments and meaningless flattery that help stem the loneliness. Searching for power and control over another’s immediate pleasure, but which ultimately leaves a hollow, soulless empty space.

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