Pacifico Silano Interview

Re-appropriates vintage porn to question gender, identity & queer stereotypes and as a memento mori for those we lost to AIDS contributing to the legacy of gay history. Re-introducing this disease to today’s generation who seem blissfully ignorant.
Using collage of porn-stars pre-AIDS from a liberated era of increasing acceptance before the devastation that was to come. Post HIV the aesthetic was about fitness & show an antithesis to being ‘sick’
“By removing the overt sexual explicitness of an image, where you’re left to sort of contemplate and look at somebody as an actual person” (Pacifico Silano) – juxtaposition of objectification.
He also mentions how work can be read by different age groups, and how photographs can change their meaning over time. How they are “markers in time” (Silano) how they are physical objects. He notes how no-one prints any more – that images only exist on a phone, hard-drive or on the cloud.

Minimalistic formalism – “Is it a gaze that the model has? Is it the way they’re holding themselves in the frame? Is it how they’re interacting with their space? What is it that’s really poignant about the image that stands out?” (Silano)

Rachel, T. (2016). Pacifico Silano on making art out of porn., [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Dec. 2016].

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