Developing Project Proposal (Personal Project)

Marc Wilson ( What kind of photographer are you? Depends on who is asking – one answer for commercial & another for gallery work.
Revisit old ideas with hindsight / fresh eyes
Compared to film photography is a harder medium to gets emotions across. Create an image that people will look at time & again and not simply pass over.
Memory & places central to his work “A Wounded Landscape” – about the holocaust
Considered composition, but disregarded time of day, light, weather etc all of which are just as vital components. Try different cameras to see which suits the project & gives most apt results. Subject matter guides the project. Power of the physical print. Exhibition is an experience for consumption.

The Power Of The Personal Project (Scott Grant)

Using our life experiences to inform our creativity
Everything that it is possible to photograph has been photographed so it is only what the photographer brings to his unique vision that distinguishes him from the masses.
Use a compact camera to ‘sketch’…when you have become overly concerned with technique or ‘why’ you have to take that shot. Also good as a means for experimentation of composition & technique.
Jim Mortram Small Town Inertia –  “Mortram refuses to describe the people in his images as “subjects””…collaborators? Co-conspirators? Friends?
Emotional personal projects – small in scale, rich in detail, sensitive & understanding.
Intellectually-based photographic projects come from a desire for enquiry
They don’t have to be unique stories, but like all good stories they need to be told well.
The photographic exhibition no longer has any rules to constrict its format; it is an organic form that responds to the work to be shown

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