Cig Harvey – To Create Visual Narratives

Photographs can be ‘about’ things rather than just ‘Of’ things.
Less about ‘target practice’ and more about planning a photograph beforehand
When you travel you have your eyes wide open to everything that’s new … every new image & every new experience, but home we take for granted & cannot see any more
Brainstorm in a scrapbook & Think about past events & consider “how do I make that visual”?
How to make the unseen seen?
Brainstorm metaphors, symbols, gestures. light in order to find the voice
Project started out white on white, fading to grey on grey & finishing out as black on black to tell the story of unrequited love. Trying to find a sense of self-worth & identity after betrayal
Using props that have ownership and their own story to tell
Who is the audience for your work? Who are you making your pictures for?
Record everything in a journal – dreams, thoughts, line from a book, lyric from a song
Photographs within photographs to represent past, where you do not wish to return, death of the event

Photography as a way to heal ! (10 mins into presentation) Art as therapy

Simple, minimalist images. Myths, old-wives tales instead of clichéd visual metaphors
Let go of the contrived in order to see what came more free flowing. If images were too thought out they would appear staged. Create in advance only as a place to start

Cameras legitimise..allow us into other people’s lives & mirror our own lives
Make people look at your images first in order to then get your message across. Form then content. If it’s only about the aesthetics then it’s devoid of content

Photography is visual communication so what have you got to say?

A lot of her work makes me think of Francesca Woodman

My eyes couldn’t show me this, but my camera could

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