John Waiblinger

All the Creative Potentialities within “The Mask”

“Certainly “The Mask” is a very familiar and intimate concept for any Queer boy or man negotiating the terrain of the heteronormative, homophobic  world into which we are thrust. This use of “The Mask” as a tool to pass as normative, in a world that threatens us with social disapproval and even physical violence, becomes a mechanism for survival. Yet this seemingly repressive act of hiding of the self, also contains the germs of great creativity – after all building this mask for one who finds himself outside the tropes of standard masculinity and heterosexual desire requires a significant amount of creative performance. Continue reading

Oral Presentation Initial Feedback

Das Unheimliche

  • Find poses that ‘describe’ Das Unheimlich…uncanny & unnatural poses of shop dummies
  • What medium? Preference is for Medium Format (Hasselblad) in order to create careful considered results
  • Create the images in Shop Windows? (how the hell do you get permission let alone find models willing to undress and display themselves in a shop window?)

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