Gays Are Not A Tourist Attraction

Whilst this may not be a peer-led journal it does raise some relevant points about the general feeling of a large part of the Queer Community. Some feel that our sacred spaces where we still feel comfortable & confident are being taken over. OK it’s a valid point that we have fought long and hard for inclusion, but it is still very difficult for the majority of us to feel totally at ease in straight pubs & clubs so there is still a call for these safe spaces where we can meet like-minded individuals and maybe the right-one without the fear of being punched for hitting on the straight guy.
It also brings up the subject of the Commercialisation of Pride events. When they were initially set up they were rebellious ways for us to feel safe and declare to the world we would not accept 2nd class treatment any more. Nowadays they have turned in to ‘Family Friendly’ fun days for the latest c-rate pop star to promote their new single or album. It has almost got to the stage where we are in fear of being thrown out of these marches & celebrations if we dare to show some kind of affection to each other …. the irony would be funny if we weren’t so enraged already. Pride is not about the pink pound…it’s about reminding the world there is still rampant homophobia. It’s time we got angry again before Pride loses all meaning.

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