Between ‘Being’ And ‘Object’

Conscientious Extended | A Conversation with CPC 2012 Winner Lisa Fairstein

“Also, photographic representation, especially as fabricated in my images, renders the subjects and objects as existing in a similar and precarious existential space – somewhere between being and object – and I wanted to emphasize this as a way of calling attention to questions about their existence as well.”

“And the sense of constructed space in the images, along with the physical edges of the photograph itself, exaggerate this further. This claustrophobic feeling makes me question what I am looking at and how it makes me feel, and, in that, it might lead to a consideration of the images and subjects in terms of what is “real”, or not.”

Collaboration Review

I was a little perturbed by the idea of a collaborative project. I have not had a very good success rate with collaborations in the past. They tended to be fraught with argument, tussles over leadership and ego tantrums. That’s not to say I haven’t had some very productive one-on-one collaborations with models where we managed to get some very good results that pleased us both immensely but I guess I do prefer to have complete creative control and am rather possessive and controlling over my work. Continue reading

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Interdisciplinary Approaches

The most obvious example of photography’s collaboration is in the realm of moving image (film/TV/Videoblog etc). Why does it seem that still images have more impact than film? Is it because we have more time to consider and read and re-read the image; rather like a book and to place it into our own context to find the truth that it reveals to us? Continue reading